Selva Maya
Selva Maya
Selva Maya
begins here...
Xerxez Diaz, Santa Cruz Ranch Owner.
Mexican Artist, who resides in
Cuernavaca, Mor. Most of the time.
Comes for lengthy vacations to enjoy
his ranch and bathe in his cenote. You
can view his work at
Nayeli Aparicio. She is in charge of
handling the reservations for all the
activities in Santa Cruz. Please visit her
web site for more
information or email her at
nayeli @
Pablo Diaz takes care that all the
special requests and details go
through as planned.
Pablo enjoys
kendo and promoting real estate sales.
You can email him at
info @
Marcelino is the care taker of Santa
Cruz. Marcelino used to be a hunter
before he became acquainted with the
new tourism trend. He lives on the
ranch with his wife Maria and their four
sons: Lisette, Viviana; David and
Andrea. Marcelino assists the guides
with their chores, and cooks at the
ranch. He is a superb cook
Max, Our seven year old dalmatian
specialises in taking long naps,
begging for food and looking for
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