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Hello to all:

This is a farewell letter. Some of you may remember me from the first time I worked
at the Akumal Dive Shop, in 1990. The majority of you know me from my second
time here, in the year 2002.
Akumal Dive Shop is a really solid, traditional institution that has become an icon of
this jewel that is Akumal.
These five years with Akumal Dive Shop have been a great adventure, of which I am
always going to be proud and I feel fortunate to have been a part of. I am grateful for
all the great people that I have met here that I was given the opportunity to serve as
well as serve beside.

Akumal Dive Shop, is a place where bonds are formed, friendships are created, and
these deepen with every year that passes. It is a place where our friends return year
after year, to place their trust in us once again.
It is very rewarding to recognize the old friendly faces in the new generations, and
even more pleasing seeing the smile on their faces when they leave satisfied and
promising to return. This is the part that I am going to miss the most.

I am leaving to seek personal growth in other areas and activities other than diving.
To my partner and friend, Gonzalo, I wish him the best of luck in this new stage of
opportunities, where projects that were in the process of being developed for
months, are now being consolidated.

I am sure that Gonzalo, is going to make the best out of these new challenges, and
Akumal Dive Shop will continue to be synonymous of excellence in the nautical
tourist industry and scuba diving, for many generations to come.

Please update my information, to remain in contact.

My best regards.

Pablo X. Diaz Lavin
AP # 33
Akumal, Q. Roo
CP 77730 MEX
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